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The Container
Mobile multi-media vehicle for Jamaica

Jun-Ann Lam
Veil of Ignorance

Keith Piper
Tagging the Other

Virtual Varrio
great satirical Chicano zine

Carlos Sifuentes and Guillermo Gomez-Pena
Mexterminator II
The Dangerous Border Game

Shu Lea Cheang




Close Campsfield
Site on the notorious detention centre for immigrants in Oxfordshire

Encuentro por la Humanidad y contra el Neoliberalismo
Large annual meeting of activists, with particular support for the Zapatistas

Electronic Civil Disobedience in support of the Zapatistas

Steven Lawrence Campaign
News from a site supporting the campaign to get justice for this black teenager murdered by racists

Anti-Nazi League
Popular Front style organisation against UK fascists

Cross the Border
Imaginative social and media activism against all immigration restrictions

Sans Papiers
The campaign of the 'people without documents', France

Justice for Ricky Reel
Lakhvinder (Ricky) Reel went missing after being racially abused in Kingston on Tuesday 14 October 1997, and was found dead a week later in the River Thames, less than half a mile away from the location of the incident. The circumstances surrounding Ricky's death still remain a mystery.

Interracial Voice
Organisation promoting the use of the term 'interracial' instead of or alongside the current political /ethnic categories.

homepages of many European anti-fascist groups

Anti-Fascist Action Rotterdam
in English, German, Dutch

Stockholm Anti-Fascist Action
in English and Swedish

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
Essential information on all the campaigns up and running in the UK around individual deportations. NCADC is also co-ordinating work against the Immigration and Asylum Bill



Sharp anti-nationalist culture and theory zine from Zagreb

Black Information Link
UK Information resource

boohab's factotum
The organic hip-hop metaphysician featuring black cultural production, anti-racist activist materials, extraordinary and unusual links, essays, original artworks and interactive history materials.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
CARF is Britain's only independent anti-racist magazine, documenting resistance against racism - from black and refugee organisations, monitoring groups, anti-deportation campaigns, football fans, and much more.

The Electronic Immigration Network
Aims to link major information providers with advice workers and practitioners dealing with all issues relating to immigration, refugee and nationality and law and practice in the United Kingdom.

The Nizkor Project
Site dedicated to refuting holocaust denial

News on governmental, police and immigration policies and actions

American Indian Links
American Indian Movement and related sites

Computer-users Against Racism Expression
Home-made campaign against racism on the net

Literature of the Holocaust

Le Monde Diplomatique
English version of the political analysis monthly

Mumia Abu Jamal
Pages in support of Ex-Black Panther and MOVE activist journalist framed onto Death Row in Philadelphia - ONE SIGNATURE AWAY FROM EXECUTION

Race Traitor
Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity

Willem Totok
German language anti-fascist research

The Race Gallery
Site to accompany the useful book on 'Race Science'

Free Satpal Ram!
Info on the campaign to support Satpal Ram, stitched up for murder by a racist judge
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