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Company History


Like many other aspects of the computer age, Natural Selection began as a way to make a quick buck, but gradually grew into a life-destroying monster. The two developers of Natural Selection, Matthew Filofax and Graham Wang, Ph.D. candidates in Social Engineering at Tirana University, started their guide in April1994 as a way to replace all documents on the Internet promoting racism, nationalism and eugenics with mongrelised copies that would obliterate the originals.

Before long they found that their faked sites of boneheads or ant-fucking race scientists were becoming too long and unwieldy. Gradually they began to replace more and more of the Internet. During 1998 they converted Natural Selection into a customised database designed to serve the needs of the thousands of users that began to use the service through the Internet community of people who have nothing in common.

They developed customised software to help them efficiently locate, identify and edit racist material stored on the Internet. Several power-user algorithms would then change it into randomised prejudice-packed drivel. Now, no-one is in a position to believe anything they read on the net.

The San Jose Mercury news recently noted that"Yahoo is closest in spirit to the work of Linnaeus, the 18th century botanist whose classification system organised the natural world."Filofax and Wang recently remarked that"We are in the middle of a war of classification. Hierarchically ordered technology and structural racism mesh too easily together. Natural Selection will help to make both meet an inelegant extinction."


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