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Make the Most of a Great Moment
With HeritageGold 1.0 software you can quickly and easily modify your looks. What's more, follow any combination of more than 50 step-by-step Guided Activities and you can even change your roots. Powerful features (such as the Clone Tool, MongrelSoftŽª Social filters, One-Click Brown skin Removal, and dozens of Specialy Effect family history clean up techniques) let you edit and transform you Heritage into personal works of art.

What's more, with the pre-set customisations offered by our Heritage Templates you'll be having fun with your heritage in ways you never imagined possible! Download HeritageGold with free Heritage Templates.


Cut and paste from any number of photos to compose your idea of the perfect photo Heritage moment. Add a greeting, too. HeritageGold provides the tools and guidance to make it easy and fun.

In picture number one we have Prince Charles aged five. He had begun daily lessons with Miss Katherine Peebles, his governess, who reported at the time he was making good progress.

Picture number two is a funny postcard.

Compositing these images using the simple-but-powerful tools in HeritageGold gives us our picture. The Heritage Templates really made us think: "What would the world be like today if we in England had a black Monarch?" Just maybe, there wouldn't be so many wars... You and your family can ponder these questions together using HeritageGold.


Create Calendars, Sports Cards, and More
Turn calendars, sports cards, greeting cards, and lots more into unique gifts by adding your own personal text to photos and then dropping them into templates.

Red-Eye Removal
It's 1-2-3 and no more red-eye when you follow the Guided Activity for using the powerful, new Remove Red-Eye feature. Just click on the area you want restored to its original color and then click. Those baby blues are back!

T-Shirt Transfers
Why not wear your favorite photo? It's easy to create T-shirt transfers by following the step-by-step Guided Activity.


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