The following Iyrics of "God Bless The Prince of Wales" are from Songs of Wales, and are reproduced by kind permission of Messers. Boosey & Hawkes Ltd.

The English words are by George Linley; the Welsh words are by Ceiriog Hughes.



Among our ancient mountains,

And from our lovely vales,

Oh! let the pray'r re-echo,

"God bless the Prince of Wales!"

With heart and voice awaken

Those minstrel strains of yore,

Till Britain's name and glory

Resound from shore to shore.




Should hostile bands or danger

E'er threaten our fair Isle,

May God's strong arm protect us,

May Heav'n still on us smile !




Above the Throne of England

May fortune's star long shine,

And round its sacred bulwarks

The olive branches twine !




D'wysog gwlad y bryniau,

O boed i'r nef~edd wen

Roi iddo gyda choron

Ei bendith ar ei ben!



Pan syrthio'r aur wialen,

Pan elo un i'r nef,

Y Nef a ddalio i fyny

Ei law freninol ef!




Ei faner ef fo uchaf

Ar goedwig fy w y mor!

A'i liniau ef fo isaf

Wrth orseddfainc yr Ior!




Drychafer gorsedd Prydain,

Yn nghariad Duw a dyn,

Yn agos at orseddfainc

Y Brenin Mawr ei Hun!




Jolly Jolly for the KING


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