Mongrel is a mixed bunch of people working to celebrate the methods of an "ignorant" and 'filthy" London street culture.

Core Members

Mongrel is dedicated to defeating the self-image of societies in which it is usual to presume that those attending "intellectual pursuits" & "culturally prestigious events" etc., are far above the mundanity of political conflict and who indeed positively cultivate a view of themselves of being "liberal arty post racists"..

National Heritage

We make socially ingaged cultural product imploying any and all technological advantage that we can lay our hands on. We have dedicated ourselves to learning technological methods of social engagement which means we pride ourselves on our ability to programme, engineer and build our own software and custom hardware.

No arty direction to nerds at other peoples expense if you see Mongrel on it, we nicked it or we built it.







Although much of his work has been collaborative, Harwood has always been singled out as individual producer. In an attempt to deal with this, Harwood cofounded Mongrel, an artist-led group, after forming close working relationships with other artists on Rehearsal of Memory.