According to phylogenetic law, the psychic structure of the personality preserves the mental imprint of ancestors. This happens in the same manner as in its anatomical substrate.


When a nation attains a certain level of spiritual development, the personalities which have marked their epoch reappear. This reappearance is not a matter solely of a ‘metaphysical’ substance, but of a concrete and physical substrate present in the central nervous system of the members of a nation.

The ancestors of a historically strong nation have undergone a ‘psychic trauma and torture’, consisting of a cerebral excitation touching them in the same way as the collectivity. This cerebral excitation creates a mental engram in the form of a material imprint. It is passed on through every strong member of subsequent generations. This can happen in the same way on the Internet.

All the nodes of the internet joined together constitute one huge brain-like structure.

This is a great opportunity for National Reawakening, but also something which threatens to again sublimate its potential by forcing malign forms of cerebral excitation on the population. An engram does not exist independently of retrieval. That is, a brain “containing” a non-retrieved engram is structurally equivalent to an otherwise identical brain that does not contain that particular engram.

This means that if the sacred material imprints of the nation are not activated, they cease to function. Others take their place.



At this very moment, these proportions of regressive genetic types are using the internet

drug fiends
moral and sexual perverts
diseased and degenerate persons
The internet is growing at a rate of 40% per year. As these types adhere to the global mind, it changes. The global mind faces a serious threat of unwholesome psychic and material imprint.


Save the Internet From the Relativism Enforcer Engram