"String 'em up"

What goes on in your head is up to you. It's not for some shrink to try and analyse you and try and work out what makes you tick. I think that's a load of crap. People are always trying to say, 'This is why they do it,' or 'That is why they do it.' 'They do it because of the amount they drink,' or 'They do it because they dream about Adolf Hitler every night.' They're always trying to put you in a group. Label people. Try and dig down. Come to a conclusion in their heads. When I was about thirteen, the social workers made me see a psychiatrist. It was part of the regime in the children's home. They ask you all these questions and it's always got a double meaning. They try and catch you out. They asked me once, 'What was the odd one out: 1, 2 or an apple?' I said the 1, 'cos the other ones have got curves on them. Stupid things like that. I used to fucking make anything up. Do something they didn't expect. Just to fuck them up, 'cos they were trying to fuck me up.

sure I'm all right getting what I need.

I went to Lee's

Not to change my way of life, or the way I dress, or whatever. I'm a human being in his eyes. He don't mind the way I dress or my political views. He's neutral. Professionals ain't allowed to say all them bad sort of things about you. They're there to help you, whatever your needs. They just try and stop you thinking on the criminal lines. He tries to get me encouraged to do more things to go further and further to work it all through. Male Prostitutes are there to be used by you and that is exactly what I do.