In these days of cosmopolitan overload we could all use a little extra help

  • H O W - I T - W O R K S ...T h i n kMa t e ™
1 T he Cognitive Elite begin t o use T h i n kMa t e



More web-sites emerge to fill their needs making the internet more civilised.



At the same time more populations move onto the internet as the free market makes cheap electronic devices, deregulated telecommunications, and targeted entertainment or information systems available



T h i n kMa t e is able to track types and populations, empowering the market to meet their different needs



Using T h i n kMa t e technology, positive reinforcement is provided for users in order to maintain and improve the evolutionary process and their place in it



Epistemology feeds into Ontology



Ontology feeds into Phylogeny



Evolution speeds up



T h i n kMa t e typing technology reinforces and eventually upgrades the natural order


Think what you know!/ Think what you are! T h i n kMa t e

To determine the intelligence your T h i n kMa t e should be typed for you .

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